Global Disaster Management System

We help people across the globe to tackle any possible disaster that is coming on their ways. 


Pre-Disaster Decision Support

Different Decision making tools for disaster are available here

Recent Disaster Events

Have a look at live updates of different disaster events.

Broadcast Disaster Alerts

Post disaster Alerts and broadcast it to social media and authorities


Disaster Resilience Planning (ScoreCard)

Scorecard provides a set of assessments, that will allow local governments to monitor progress and challenges in the implementation.

Learning Corner

Learn various Free courses related to Disaster Management. These courses will allow you to better understand about Natural disasters and how to tackle them in effective manner.

Business Continuity Plan

Read business continuity plans and report for industry sectors. These Plans are generated by Computer Aided Planning Tool

Emergency Tool-kits

Explore, Learn and also download various emergency tool-kits and checklists which will be helpful to plan effectively for any upcoming disaster event.

Stop Disaster Game

Play Stop Disaster Game which is powered by UNISDR and developed by playerthree, to learn different scenarios of disaster and how you can make better planning.

Emergency Shop

Explore and buy various tools, emergency shelters and different gadgets that are available in the market to provide better protection during any disaster event.


Nearby Help Centers

Search for hospitals, schools and various help centers nearby your areas.

Disaster Analytics

Check detailed analytics about the disaster supported by maps and various graphs for decision making.

Shelter Homes

Search for nearby temporary residence and emergency shelters through Airbnb.

Invoke Authorities

List of Regional Emergency Authorities and NGOs and send them direct messages.


Donation Campaigns

Fundraising Campaigns for Disaster effective areas.

Rehabilitation Plan

Generate Computer Aided Rehabilitation Plan with SPACE

Project Management

Check various on going projects for rehabilitation.